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ISTAD Resealable bag, patterned/black yellow

ISTAD Resealable bag, patterned/black yellow

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ISTAD bags can be resealed and used again and again. It keeps contents fresh, withstands freezing and can be filled with contents up to 50 °C – and it helps you keep your kitchen and home organized. 305.256.43

Product details

Can be used over and over again since it can be re-sealed.

You can reduce your food waste as well as keep your food fresh longer by storing your leftovers or dry goods in this leak-proof and reusable bag.

ISTAD bags have a double seal which keeps the contents fresh for longer – and even tightly seals in liquids without leaking.

The bag helps you organise your leftovers and dry goods and is also suitable for puzzles, games and other small items.

ISTAD bag comes in different sizes, choose the one that suits your needs. From small bags for snacks or sweets to larger bags that hold 6 liters.

Wash your bag inside-out, and let it completely dry inside-out before reusing it.

ISTAD bag is transparent so you can easily see what´s inside.


Polyethylene plastic


Package quantity: 60 pieces

Volume 1: 1 l

Volume 2: 0.4 l


Width: 8 cm

Height: 5 cm

Length: 19 cm

Weight: 0.25 kg

Package(s): 1

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