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Sauvage Parfum is a highly concentrated interpretation of Sauvage, in which extreme freshness combines with warm amber notes and whose wild beauty is just waiting to unfold on the skin.

When composing Sauvage Parfum, Dior drew inspiration from the pristine vast wilderness, where the air beneath a shimmering blue night sky is filled with the intense aromas of a crackling fire. Its sillage unfolds notes of tangerine, tonka bean and sandalwood.

Sauvage Parfum is the fragrance of a new frontier: an interpretation with a rich, heady sillage that celebrates the magic of wide, open landscapes.

The 100ml format of Sauvage Parfum can now be refilled with the Sauvage Parfum Refill. It can also be refilled using the Sauvage Refill Station, available at some outlets. This innovative system is part of Dior's Sustainable Development initiative, which aims to improve the House of Dior's impact on climate, resources and waste.


“Sauvage is an infinite score. Subtle nuances lend structure to this incredibly dense composition and illuminate unique flashes of light.
When creating Sauvage Parfum, I imagined what would happen when intense freshness meets the profound softness of the Orient. And so that the powerful soul of Sauvage is not lost, I have added nocturnal notes, something animalically alluring and rounder facets.”

François Demachy, Perfumer-Creator at Dior


The sandalwood for Sauvage Parfum comes from a plantation in Sri Lanka that has been collaborating with Dior for over a decade. Thanks to special cultivation methods, its note is characterized by particularly rich nuances and exceptional olfactory properties.

Since sandalwood is difficult to grow, it is accompanied at the beginning of its growth and then "released" in a completely wild plantation where nature takes its course again. In this harsh and natural world, where the human hand no longer intervenes, each tree continues to grow, struggling to thrive. Some of them live to be 100 years old and more than 12 meters tall.

This is how, year after year, its unique olfactory qualities emerge, bringing out the rare, powerful and rich Sandalwood note of Sauvage Parfum.


1. Cleanse your skin with Sauvage shower gel.
2. Moisturize your skin with Sauvage Face & Beard Moisturizer.
3. To complete the Sauvage Ritual, spray Sauvage Parfum on pulse points: wrists and neck.

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